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Our Clubs is a platform which is dedicated to clubs and groups of all kinds. We offer high quality tools for organisers, combined with social media tools to encourage participation and collaboration whilst in a safe environment where members do not have to give up their privacy to participate.

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We've designed and built a fantastic web-based solution for clubs
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Club Pages

If you run a club you can setup a page for your group. Your club page is then home for all your club information including members, events, social media content.

Organiser Tools

We've built some fantastic tools to help you run your club including member and event management, mobile payment solutions, newsletters, calendar, venues, to name just a few!

The Radar

The Radar is where potential new members can find your club. Publicly posted content can be found, so if your promoting an event or posting a topical blog this is where it can be found.

Club Connect

Built for governing bodies and large club organisations, Club Connect allows social content to flow from one club to another, simplifying the process of communicating to the grass-roots level.

Social Tools

Our Clubs provides the tools to increase collaboration and particpation within your group, leading to increased engagement. Post blogs, albums, events or even a conversation with a friend.


This is our top priority. We allow no advertising on Our Clubs and we do not share your data. We believe people should be able to participate online without giving up their privacy!

Encourage Learning

Clubs are a great place to learn which is why we develop solutions to facilitate this. Clubs can run Tutorials, Quiz's, and members can earn Digital Badges.

Making it feel easy

Above all, Our Clubs is designed to make running or organising a club feel easy, taking away the day-to-day hassles so that you can concentrate on the important things.

So how much does all this excellence cost?

We don't sell advertising, we don't sell your data, and its not a subscription based service!

So how do we fund the Our Clubs?

We've developed an innovative mobile payment solution called Fundit.

If your club decides to accept mobile paymentswe can earn a commission on any payments we facilitate.

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We have fantastic supporters

Our quality solutions, safeguarding policies, and ethics have earned us some great supporters

Build quality and Safeguarding

A bespoke architecture and security of data


Our members privacy is a top priority and the bedrock of everything we do. Our Clubs is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as a datakeeper. All data held by Our Clubs is stored in UK datacentres. No data is shared or sold to third parties. No third party advertising is allowed since this is often how a users personal data is exposed.


System Architecture

Our Clubs is built on a bespoke database architecture which has been designed specifically to aid the building of scalable and often complex solutions. Our Clubs leverages Microsofts web solutions to provide a reliable and efficient design and increase usability.


Responsive Design

The Our Clubs platform has been built to be totally responsive to the platform that is being used, be it a desktop, tablet, or phone. We realise that when running a youth club you will frequently be away from your desktop and will want to call upon Our Clubs at anytime and in any location. So long as you have a data signal you can easily take a register from anywhere, even on your phone!


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