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Customisable club pages

As a club manager, your club page is your shop-front to the world. That's why we've made it easy to customise what's shown on your page.

You'll be able to add club instructors, tutorials and hangouts directly to your club page, as well as customise how it looks by adding graphics and colour!

Online Payments with Pingit®

We've teamed up with Barclays® Pingit® to offer a fantastic online payments solution!

Create requests for class or event attendance, or add tickets to your events - then send requests directly to your members via email!

Payment requests, fund balances and a full set of reports is available to you through your Club Fundit dashboard.

Manage your members - at any time

At Our Clubs, we know that being a club organiser doesn't stop when the doors close and lights turn off.

That's why you can manage your club and member accounts directly through our website quickly and easily using your mobile, tablet or desktop PC - morning, noon or night.

We also understand the need to get at your information, which is why we've added functionality to both import and export your data straight to Excel or PDF.

Your Club World

If you're a member of more than one club, you'll know how hard it is to keep tabs on what's going.

Our Clubs has made it easy being introducing your Club World, a personalised view of all the activity from your clubs - based on your interests.

That means, you'll only get notified of stuff that's relevant to you, and nothing about dancing cats! (unless you want to!)

Parent/Child Accounts

Do you have members under 13 years, or are you a parent who's child is a member of a club or clubs?

Our Clubs understands that children under 13 years old need their online freedom, but in safe and secure environment, that's why you won't be able to create an account if you're under 13.

Instead, parents can sign-up and create a "linked account", meaning they'll receive the same notifications as the child does when they join a club, or become friends with someone.

What would you like to add?

As a member of Our Clubs you'll be able to share loads of stuff with your club and friends.

  • Ask your friends a question
  • Share a bookmark
  • Start a conversation

What's more, you can customise your posts to include backgrounds, feed icons and loads more!

Promote yourself with your profile

Are you a professional with skills that you'd like to share with the club community? Or perhaps you'd like to share your recent great adventure?

Your Profile is your shop-front on Our Clubs. It shows what you're interested in, which clubs you've joined* and which friends you've added*.

Add events to your Bio Timeline that people can join in with, or post chatbacks to!

* - only those that both you and the person viewing it are shown

Wait...there's still loads more!

Our Clubs offers so much functionality to help you manage your club or share your stuff, you'll be amazed!

Just check out some of other stuff we do:

  • Create your real-world club community online.
  • Use the "Club Docs" area for all your club documents and policies.
  • Connect to similar clubs using +Connect.
  • Find people with similar interests to join your club.*
  • Real-time communication and sharing with Hotspots.
  • Find your local clubs and events on the Radar.
  • You choose who to share your stuff with using our easy-to-use options.
  • Download events direct to your calendar.
  • Receive real-time notifications on changes to events and schedules you've RSVP'd to.
  • Direct links to Google® Maps on events and location-oriented posts.

* - only includes people who have made their profile searchable